The beautiful thing about languages is that everyone has their own story around it. Everyone has their own reason why to develop in a certain language. Hearing the story and experience of others works inspiring so here is my story!

Where it all started

As a high school kid I was not really into foreign languages. As soon as I got the chance to drop out of a language course I took it immediatly. Since I started traveling around the world and created world wide connections I started feeling more attracted to foreign languages. Experiencing the benefits from speeking the local language and the appreciation that you get for doing so really got me into foreign languages.

What motivated me to compile this platform?

Because of my great interest in foreign languages I noticed that there is so many different content available. So where to start? During my own journey I achieved knowledge in learning new languages (and learning in general) by experience and doing research. I compiled this platform to help others in this process by sharing my knowledge. Doing so by answering frequent questions and explaining different ways one can take in learning new languages. To get you started I will give my recommendations in which way to take and advice in which content to use for this.

What is the goal of this platform?

The goal of this platform is to become a place where people go when they intend to learn new languages. A place where people find the best suitable way of learning new languages based on their goals. Becoming an active community full of motivated people learning all kinds of languages. It would be awesome if at a certain point it is not just me helping others anymore but others helping each other as well.

shareSharing your journey’s can inspire others. I would like to break the journey’s down into two different aspects, your story and your experience. By sharing our story’s we motivate each other, sharing yours or reading others can be done in the comments on ‘Share your story‘. By sharing our experiences we can help and learn each other how to best learn languages, sharing yours or reading others can be done in the comments on ‘Share your experience‘.  Looking forward to get motivated by your story and to learn from your experience!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below. I will be more than happy to help you out.

Enjoy and good luck,

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