MyNewLang’s supporting learning environment

The interaction community is here to connect people from all over the world that are eager to develop in a certain language. Everyone can create a profile in this community. You can add information to your profile to show to others why you are in the community. This helps in getting in connecting with the right people to start learning together!

Some examples to be added to your profile can be.

  • Which language are you currently developing?
  • Which languages do you speak already and what level would you consider to be on?
  • What is your goal in joining the community?
  • What do you expect from others?

Features that the platform provides are.

  • The ability to set op your own profile.
  • Access to infinite knowledge from everyone in the community.
  • Chat rooms in which you can practice with one or more people.
    • This comes as well in the shape of speaking rooms (microphone and speakers required).
  • A reward system to motivate yourself and keep track on what you did so far.
    • The option is there to share your stats and rewards with others in the community.

The community is still under construction so with any ideas & suggestions please send me a personal message!