Share your experience! – To help each other learn.

Besides just sharing our story’s with others which is good for motivation. I am also very interested in your experience! When you want to do anything, for instance learning a language, it is very helpful to read about the experience from others. By reading about the challenges they faced and how they conquered them you can save yourself a lot of time. By listening to which way of learning worked for others you might find yourself relating to that. Of course everyone has his own preferences but experiences from others that are on the same journey is always useful information.
Get information around how to do it below and get the motivation to actually do it at ‘Share your story!’.

What to share about your experience?

Your experience in learning a language actually counts everything that happened during your journey. This can be anything that you tried, anything you did or even about feelings that you got along the way. Important to help others is how you got yourself through challenges and difficult moments. Anything you experienced can be tips in learning a language for others. Experiences during your journey to share:

• What challenges/complications did you walk in to?
• How did you conquer / solve this?
• What motivates you to learn languages?
• Do you prefer studying alone, 1 on 1 or in groups?
• What helped you so far?
• Which way of learning a language do you prefer and why?
• Which way of learning did not work at all for you?

This is just a list of example questions of which the answers can be very useful for other people which are learning foreign languages. Try to keep this your experience to inform and help others in their process of learning a language. Let us share our story’s and motivate each other on ‘Share your story!’.

We are all looking forward to learn from your experience!

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