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Share your story! – To motivate each other.

Besides just sharing my story I would like to give you all a place to share your story as well. I am actually very interested in your story! The story’s from others are strong motivation in learning a language. If you want to do anything it works very encouraging hearing success stories of others. Besides the success already reading about the goals of others works very mind opening and can promote thinking big. This is important since a lot of people have difficulties with that.

Get motivated to start and keep learning below and get the information on how to do it at ‘Share your experience!‘.

What to share about your story?

You can really share anything about your story in learning languages. Since we cover the motivation aspect on this topic it can be anything to motivate others. Literally just your personal story is perfect for this topic. Motivate others by sharing what motivates you, they might relate to it and find motivation in it as well. Motivate others by sharing your accomplishments, it shows others that it is possible and possibly that it is not that hard as they thought. Things to share about your unique story:

• Where did your interest in languages start?
• What is your goal in learning languages?
• What are your accomplishments so far?
• How far are you towards your goal?
• How far would you like to be at which point?
• What motivates you to keep on learning?
• Got a motivational quote which works for you?

Those are just some ideas of suitable questions to answer about yourself in this topic to motivate others. If you have other things popping up about your story in languages please share, be creative! Just try to keep this your story and motivation and let us create the experiences and useful information on ‘Share your experience!’.

We are all looking forward to get motivated by your story!

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